She Reflects: A Spiral Journey for the Feminine Soul


She Reflects is a love letter and a call to action - for compassionate and courageous healing and reflection, for you, for me, for us, through a process of healing and discernment, of shedding the old and celebrating the new. The process takes us through eight turns of a spiral. Each turn is a chapter in this book. 

At the First Turn, we slow down, linger and pause. We soften, relax and listen. We tune into ourselves, creating space for our inner voice, body and heart wisdom, to be heard. We ask and receive. We open to the exquisite dialogue only we can have with the world around us. 

Through the Second Turn of the spiral, we become the wanderer journeying out into the unknown guided by our inner impulses, instincts and rhythms. This journey is a solo one, inviting us to be curious, innocent and present. It’s a deeply personal and daringly courageous adventure.  

We then move into relationship with another. Into Heart. Into Aphrodite’s realm of Love and Devotion. 

At this, the Third Turn, we prepare to meet and be met. We nourish our partnerships and conscious collaborations, and learn to lovingly dance our way out. We learn to move on with compassion, kindness and forgiveness. 

In the Fourth Turn, we shift our focus from one-on-one relationships to being in community. It’s about finding our people, and sense of belonging. It’s the healing of collective joy and play. Here, we become both mirror and mirrored, to amplify our gifts and celebrate the circle. We gather, unite and shine. 

The Fifth Turn of the spiral is about the magic of letting go and its healing power. We learn to yield and shed what no longer serves. It’s here where we let powerful Oya, the Goddess of Tornados, sweep us clean, and release the grip of our inner critic and perfectionist. We give it up. We let go. We do it with, and for, love.

At the Sixth Turn, we arrive after the release, ready to invite Wild Woman, and all that is wild, to guide us to a life with abandon - feral and free, spontaneous and juicy. Without script, apology, or regret. To be free, to feed our soul. To howl at the moon; run with the wolves.

And now, at the Seventh Turn - having met ourselves, another, and the world - we return to self, to love. Here, we bring back home the wisdom we’ve gathered, and integrate the experiences and lessons of our journey. We find the truth of who we are. We find acceptance. We find gratitude. We see the sacred. 

At the Eighth Turn, our personal experience of the return to self longs to express and fulfil itself outwardly. We become of service. We share whatever goodness we’ve found, to be a source of light, solidarity and healing for others. To radiate and reflect, and be the divine mirror we are born to be! 

And as we prepare to enter the process and cycle back around, we come to a potent liminal space. Here, we take a moment to pause, reflect, and honour the ways in which we can and do hold it all - the dark and the light, the tender and the wild, the mundane and the mystical. Everything. Feel it. Know it. Be with it all. 


There it is - the full spiral. We begin with soft curiosity, and complete with gratitude, being a loving witness to the sacredness of our journey. But keep in mind, as spirals go, this ending is really just the beginning, the pre-requisite for the next whirl around the sun. The spiral dance keeps going. And so it is!

Every part of this book has been carefully crafted to support you in exploring what that ‘turn of life’s spiral’ might mean, or has meant, for you. They are ‘mirrors’ intended to reflect back to you your own glorious light!


At each turn - in each chapter - I tell a personal story which illustrates my own experience, sharing some of the geography of my own journey, from exploration and adventure, through love and forgiveness, from letting go to freedom. 

Each personal story leads to reflections on that turn, and a collection of my finest, well-loved practices - expressive, healing and inspirational prompts and exercises. 

I’ve enriched the journey with visual and acoustic experiences: Artwork (sent straight from my Muse), found here and in the companion She Reflects Journal & Colouring Book as colouring pages, and personally designed music playlists. (I normally don’t share my playlists. You’re welcome!) *If you find artists you love, please show your love by buying their songs. 

Although each turn flows from the one before it, they are self-contained. You can read the book from front to back, or pick a chapter that calls to you and start there. Go at your own pace, and adapt or modify the practices as you need. 


Here’s a sampling of the many She Reflects practices: A Day of Curiosity, Be Kind to Yourself, Consciously Collaborate, Encounter the Wild Goddess, Forgive with Metta (Loving Kindness), Heal Our Sisterhood, Linger at the Threshold, Pass the Flame, Trance Dance with Love, What’s Your Soul’s Offering? 

Whatever you do, however you do it, remember… All paths lead us home if we ask for them to do so! All ways are sacred. There’s no right or wrong, just here and now. 

This is a sacred laboratory for your consciousness and a playground for your aspirations.

Because, here’s the thing…

We are each of us extraordinary and brilliant.

You are precious. You are perfect. You are powerful beyond measure. You are LOVED. 



“Part adventure tale, part guidebook, part meandering jazz that takes us where we need to go, She Reflects mirrors the lightness and darkness of being human. Drawing on her own experience as dancer, teacher, and an embodiment of the Sacred Feminine, Erica Ross invites us to live it all: the mess and the magnificence; the poetry and the power; the stillness and the dance.” — Oriah "Mountain Dreamer" House, author of the bestseller, The Invitation

“She Reflects is a gift from a wise woman who has journeyed into the depths of her own soul and across the globe. Offered with a rare and warm kindness, Erica masterfully weaves memoir with inclusive resources, practices and stunning artwork as a mythological and practical road map to evoke the creative feminine (a source of love and nurturance for all, regardless of gender or sex) and expand our capacity to reflect, heal and be clear mirrors for others.” — Nan Keyser, Psychotherapist and Co-Creatrix of Dance Our Way Home

“Brava, Erica! Your sacred brew of wild and tender stories, reflections and practices, mixed with your exquisite artwork and oh so amazing dance sets, is a riveting companion for my feminine soul to keep returning to again and again.” — Deborah Brodey, Sound Healer / Yoga Teacher, Creatrix of Radical Nourishment

“I’ve already reserved a spot for this book in my collection of top 5 resources. Erica’s offerings are tried, tested and true. I completely recommend diving in! May this book move and inspire your heart, body and soul to further explore, heal and transform the rich landscape of your feminine soul.” — Elisa Hatton, Life Coach / Consultant, Creatrix of Tortuga Life Coaching

“I love how Erica Ross has seamlessly fused her beautiful stories, spiritual teachings, incredible Dance Our Way Home practice and super fun playlists together, so that you can dance these stories through your body, mind and soul. Her book She Reflects is a blessing of healing, awareness, laughter, inspiration and joy for whoever gets their hands on it. I'm not much of a reader these days because my eyes aren't the greatest anymore, but not only are the stories a super easy read (like sitting by a campfire) but literally it's easy for me to see the print. The font style and size are great. I also love that I can start at the beginning or just open to whatever page in the moment and then dance it all into myself. Thank you for such a beautiful book, Erica.” — Brenda MacIntyre, Juno Award-winning Singer, Teacher & Speaker at Medicine Song Woman

“Clearly written from a place of compassion, She Reflects embraces everyone, at once inspiring and encouraging us to be the best we can be. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. In the sacred context which Erica presents her wisdom, empowerment of the feminine principle can only be a good thing. I found I had to bring some creative imagining to some parts, such as listening to my yoni. Listening for signs and synchronicities was highly relatable for me. And it was great fun reading out loud to my partner Erica’s naked accounts of her fascinating adventures. Her courage and love is contagious.” — Jack Mersereau

“A magical real-life adventure, both out into the world and inward. A call to acknowledge and pay attention to our instinct and intuition and to live life with passion and gusto! Erica has poured unconditional love and years of accumulated wisdom into this book offering many seeds of potential for self-understanding and transformation. I have used many of the suggestions for myself and with my Chi Kung classes. Inspirational!” — Sherri Bergman, Tai Chi Teacher, Wildcrafter

“I've had the honour of knowing Erica Ross for many years and she brings depth, wisdom and insight to her writings and teachings. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in looking beneath the surface of their life experience, learning and growing in new and meaningful ways to get a copy of her book and journal.” — Jill Hewlett, Brain Fitness Expert & Wellness Authority

“I've known Erica Ross for almost ten years and she is the real deal. I've worked with thousands of people in the holistic and healing spaces and there are more than a fair share of novices and narcissists. There are plenty of fake gurus and Instagram coaches out there. But I've rarely met a woman more full or radiance and wonder as Erica. I've often wished I could introduce every young woman I know to her. If you know a woman whose found herself dullened and dimmed by this world - this book would be a fine gift to help her shine again.” — Tad Hargrave, Creator of Marketing for Hippies

“Erica Ross’ “She Reflects” is a deep & delightful labour of love for women and young women across the world to help them realize their full creative potential by taking the reader on a courageous & empowering journey of self-love, healing & inspired discovery. It’s an incredible resource tool packed full of teachings, creative activities & opportunities for self-reflection either individually or in groups. Immense gratitude for this wonderful contribution to the field of women’s teachings.” — Marla Slavner, Executive Producer of The Global Sunrise Project

“Erica is a gifted and inspiring guide on the journey into the feminine soul. I am only part way into She Reflects and I'm hooked! Following the journal exercises, with a cup of tea at hand, I feel my heart opening, making discoveries about my authentic self that I had kept hidden away for years. I am blossoming. Thank you, Erica!!” — Maryaleen Trafford

She Reflects Book Launch

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More Praise

“I bought She Reflects a few months ago when it was first released. I was very excited as I waited for my copy and I was not disappointed. I love the combination of memoir (life stories) mixed in with practical activities/exercises that go with each chapter’s focus or intention. Beautifully done! So unique! I am not done yet because I am slowly savouring each section. Thank you Erica Ross for giving us this treasure.” — Lisa Ross, Women’s Sexual Health Expert

“She Reflects is full of fabulous resources and beautiful practices based on Erica’s many years of experience in the creative, healing and spiritual arts. It invites curiosity, courage, compassion, creativity, self-love and self-care. I LOVE the work that Erica shares with the world. This book is full of beauty and inspiration!” — Wendy Roman, Movement Facilitator, Owner of Rhythmwood

“Well in full confession, I bought this wonderful book for a gift for a dear friend and in diving into it over a cup of tea I decided to keep it for myself! Taking time to pause and reflect with Erica's targeted questions and stories is a real treat. A gift we all need.” Ally

“A journey of riveting adventures interspersed with an abundance of wisdom and guidance. I bought a copy for me, and then a copy for my closest friend.” Christine B. 

“This really is a beautiful collection of stories and is filled with ways to bring more joy and happiness into your life.

“What a great resource for changing your mindset. The following sections were extremely helpful when I was in the middle of a big project and needed to find new energy to keep going and deliver exception output. Pages 49-41: “Be Kind to Yourself. Pages 184-185: “Be with Your Exhale”. Pages 243-245: Reflections for the Seventh Turn". Pages: 264-266: “Appreciate Your Unique Light”. The drawings are great too but could be a bit bigger so you could colour them all. However, the companion colouring book has the images in a larger sized for you to colour. That will be next on my purchase list. If you are lucky enough to meet Erica at a book signing, you'll see she embodies the essence of the book. So happy to have this as part of my positive mindset book collection.” Jo-Ann Blondin