My bliss is DANCE!

I've danced in wild nature, on the shores of the Indian Ocean, the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean, Caribbean and the Great Lakes and forests of Canada, the Peruvian mountains, the cliffs of Wales, the deserts of Spain, India, and the United States at (Burning Man), and around countless sacred fires the world over.

I've spread my love for dance and sacred awareness in clubs, ecstatic dances, festivals and full moon parties in Amsterdam, Istanbul, Montreal, Toronto, Salt Spring Island, Swansea, Los Angeles, in NYC at Studio 54, The Loft, Paradise Garage and the Mudd Club, in Indonesia and Australia, and India, and the Go-Go Clubs of Philadelphia and New Jersey.

My devotional practice is simple—keeping my heart open, regardless.

I love to ask, "What would love do?" And say to myself, "It’s all perfect" and "This too shall pass." My life is a meandering river snaking through countless lands, teachings, relationships and experiences. I happily share all that I know to be true in my life with YOU.

My short list of training and professional experiences.

Dance - Training in Russian ballet, creative, folk, flamenco, modern, African, ecstatic and belly dance, improvisational dance performer, co-founder, director and facilitator trainer of Dance Our Way HomeTM, an awarding-winning ecstatic dance practice, and co-founder and DJ of The Move, an ecstatic dance event and community in Toronto.

Visual Arts - Ontario College of Art graduate, enamellist, jeweller, 'Island Electric' NYC boutique owner and clothing designer, maker & wholesaler, and collage, mosaic and plaster worker.

Expressive Arts- Training in African drumming, mythic writing, sounding and voice work.

Spiritual Arts - Training in chi kung, tai chi, kriya and hatha yoga, visualization, meditation and breath work.

Healing Arts - Training in hypnotherapy (certified), reiki, empathy, focusing and compassionate listening techniques.