She Reflects Journal & Colouring Book

She Reflects Journal & Colouring Book

Welcome to the She Reflects Journal & Colouring Book, the sister companion to “She Reflects: A Spiral Journey for the Feminine Soul”.

These pages, prompts and artwork (sent straight from Erica’s muse) have been created to accompany you through, and deepen your experience of, the She Reflects journey - it’s stories, reflections, practices, and playlists - to inspire a more creative, curious, compassionate and courageous life.

Use it as you feel intuitively inspired. Trust your inner guidance. Capture your experiences, thoughts and feelings. Put on the She Reflects playlists. Get your creative juices flowing.

Sample Colouring Pages


6. listen.jpg
22. magic of letting go.jpg
20. sisters of joy.jpg
34. spiral of life.jpg