She Reflects Journal & Colouring Book

She Reflects Journal & Colouring Book

Welcome to the She Reflects Journal & Colouring Book, the sister companion to “She Reflects: A Spiral Journey for the Feminine Soul”.

These pages, prompts and artwork (sent straight from my muse) have been created to accompany you through, and deepen your experience of, the She Reflects journey - it’s stories, reflections, practices, and playlists - to inspire a more creative, curious, compassionate and courageous life.

Use it as you feel intuitively inspired. Trust your inner guidance. Capture your experiences, thoughts and feelings. Put on the She Reflects Playlists. Get your creative juices flowing.


Check out these amazing colouring pages done by a kindergarten class! Just WOW!


“It feels wonderful to write in the She Reflects Journal surrounded by the nurturing words and beautiful feminine drawings of Erica's. Both the drawings and the word prompts are thought-provoking and gently take you on a journey of self-reflection while leaving most of the space for your own writing or drawings. It is well worth the money and would be a great gift for a friend.” — Anne L. Lumley

“I love the Erica's artwork in this colouring book! It is a beautiful practice companion to Erica's She Reflects: A Spiral Journey for the Feminine Soul. There is also space to do your journalling as well!” — Deborah Brodey

“What I love most about Erica's colouring book is that the illustrations come straight from her heart and from her love of the Goddess in all her forms. They are a delight to behold and to colour!” — Zahra Haji,

“Erica Ross is an artist, teacher and muse...she weaves together her decades of life experience, travelling and working with others, to create another wonderful personal growth tool, brought forth in this very special journal colouring book.” — Jill Hewlett, Brain Fitness and Wellness Expert

“Erica Ross's book "She Reflects: A Spiral Journey for the Feminine Soul" serves as the perfect guide to find our way back to our inner wisdom. It is perfect for women of all ages and all walks of life. It weaves together adventures, teachings, goddess mythology, playlists, art and practices. The She Reflects journal & colouring book is the perfect companion to the book and I delighted in being able to tap into my creativity and bring these beautiful images to life. Thank you for this opportunity!” — Julie Daugherty