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Realize Your Magnificence

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My sisters, near and far…

Welcome to a sacred space of love, kindness, joy and creativity.


After 20 glorious years serving women, locally and globally, as a guide to sacred feminine knowing, embodiment and joy through my award-winning ecstatic dance practice, “Dance Our Way Home”, facilitator trainings, workshops, retreats, live-streaming broadcasts, and 1 on 1 mentoring - calling out the light in myself and other women, goddesses in their own right…

And a more recent personal journey with physical pain, my path has led me to the creation of this new website and the arrival of my first published books - a close to three year project - “She Reflects: A Spiral Journey for the Feminine Soul”, and her sister companion, “She Reflects Journal & Colouring Book”! (See the photos from my book launch held in Toronto, Nov. 4, 2018.)


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She Reflects is a love letter and a call to action for compassionate and courageous healing and reflection, for you, for me, for us. Born out of a full heart, broken-down body and weary soul, with much asking and listening in for guidance, She Reflects is living proof that pain, loss and vulnerability can (and will) be transformed into art, creativity and healing.

Based on the spiral path of Dance Our Way Home, and my life, She Reflects is a spiral journey with Eight Turns (chapters) designed to evoke more curiosity, compassion, creativity and courage. 

Each Turn - Listen, Follow Your Impulse, The Partner Dance, Collective Joy, The Magic of Letting Go, Touch the Wild, Return to Self, and Share Your Light - has it’s own unique personal stories, reflections, and practices - expressive, healing and inspirational prompts and exercises. Plus…

Artwork (sent straight from my Muse), found here and in it’s companion journal & colouring book, and 13 specially designed music playlists that will make your day (if I do say so myself).

As you move through She Reflects, you’re sweetly invited to listen and step into your innate wisdom and inner knowing of your body, heart and soul, to uncover, reconnect to, and fully express your MAGNIFICENCE - a radical act of remembrance and reclamation of your original power, wisdom and radiance. 


In 40+ years of practicing creative, healing and spiritual arts, spanning four continents and countless countries, I’ve come to learn that we are the experts in our own lives. Each of us, individually, have our own innate wisdom which we can call upon to bring ourselves into the light. We have wonderful counsellors, yogis and teachers in our lives, sharing their wisdom. Yet, for each of one of us to shine our own, unique light, the search begins within.

I know that the most BRILLIANT part of you is ready to be called forward into full expression. And as a deeply loving and sensitive soul, what a blessing you will be to everyone whose lives you touch, and to the planet as a whole!




“Part adventure tale, part guidebook, part meandering jazz that takes us where we need to go, She Reflects mirrors the lightness and darkness of being human. Drawing on her own experience as dancer, teacher, and an embodiment of the Sacred Feminine, Erica Ross invites us to live it all: the mess and the magnificence; the poetry and the power; the stillness and the dance.” — Oriah "Mountain Dreamer" House, author of the bestseller, The Invitation

“She reflects is an inspiring, thoughtful account of life’s journeys and the lessons offered through conscientious practice. Erica Ross takes us on a journey through stories from Toronto to Bali to New York City, wisdom, imagery, exercises and music, inviting and guiding us to learn about ourselves and to reflect as she has. It is not only an invitation but also a guide for mindfulness, creativity, authentic body work and love. Her artwork is breathtaking. Her coloring book makes for deep self-soothing pleasure and is a gift for all ages. It is without reservation that I recommend both her manuscript and coloring books to those of all ages.” — Laura T., Clinical Psychologist

“Erica Ross’ She Reflects, a Spiral Journey for the Feminine Soul the author shows us that our lives are rich, expansive, and wondrous beyond measure, continuously unfurling and evolving. Ross’ experience as a dancer and dance facilitator may well have shaped how she sees life as representing eight turns of a spiral. The book flows from this central idea as it presents the various turns and their meanings. Giving readers specific practices that we can do on our own or in a group, Ross invites us to dance more deeply and with greater joy into our own lives. This book isn’t something to be read and discarded, but is rather a resource that we can use - and be transformed by as we heal; love each other, and ourselves. Thank you, Erica for giving me the tools to reconnect to my feminine soul, and to remember that beauty and joy come when I engage in a dance with life.” — Lissa L. Cowan, Author, Writing Coach, Copy-Editor

“Erica Ross is a unique journeyer, creator, mother, friend, partner, dancer, author, and lover of life. She has distilled her 60+ years of love wisdom into this astounding book and its companion colouring book. Erica carefully and compellingly weaves stories about her life, goddess mythology, dance exercises, self-reflective exercises, wonderful music playlists, images and insight into this delicious and heartful read. She shows in the most Erica way how following one's own prompts, intuition, and path leads us to the rich garden of our highest humanity.” — Val Moysey, Sound Healer, Bodyworker, DJ

“Erica Ross is a living, breathing heart chakra. Her book She Reflects features over 60 practices, stories and experiences based on a lifetime in the creative, healing and spiritual arts. She even includes playlists! Her adventurous life as a dancer, DJ, artist, world traveller, group facilitator and mother spill out on the pages as wisdom gained and shared for our benefit. Designed to awaken curiosity, courage, compassion, creativity, self-love and self-care, this book is clearly a gift of love to all of us. A ray of sunshine on a dark day, it's my spiritual caffeine.” — Nadine Prada, Artist, Freelance Art Director

“As women in this society, we are taught to disown and ignore our inner desires and wisdom. It takes a lifetime of unlearning to find that place within us that holds the answers, that provides that which we most need to live our lives fulfilled and in service as we are meant to be. Erica Ross's book serves as the perfect guide to find our way back to our inner wisdom. It is perfect for women of all ages and all walks of life. It weaves together adventures, teachings, goddess mythology, playlists, art and practices, designed to be used alone or with the She Reflects Journal & Colouring Book. I found this book inspiring, uplifting, and a place where I can rest and reclaim my feminine nature. Highly recommend to any woman looking for more creativity, freedom and ease in her life.” — Julie Daugherty, Executive Assistant

“A journey of riveting adventures interspersed with an abundance of wisdom and guidance. I bought a copy for me, and then a copy for my closest friend.” — Christine B.


Erica brings deep love, care and magic to everything she does. She touches the hearts of the women she works with deeply, holding their lives, their gifts and potential as sacred. In doing so, she treats them as flowers ready to unfold, helping them to gently and courageously open to themselves, to a community of sisters and to the greater currents of life." -- Marilyn Daniels, Leadership Coach, Toronto


Erica has a beautiful gentle way of drawing you into the world of dance and deepening the connection with one's own body and a circle of other amazing women." -- Michelle Tocher, Author and Storyteller, Toronto


Can words even begin to express how much I love and respect Erica Ross and all her offerings? I think she's one of the undiscovered gems in Canada. Erica is a woman I wish I could introduce all women to. She helps women bloom just by being who she is. She provides safe and transformational spaces for women, inspiring them to live a life more full of beauty, wonder, kindness and openness. Her workshops are a beautiful mix of movement, dance, guided imagery, creative expression, poetry and beauty. She feeds the souls of women and the soul of the world through the beauty of who she is and what she does.If you know a woman who is beautiful and doesn't understand just how beautiful she is - send her to Erica. If you want to support any woman in blossoming even more into who she is - send them to Erica. If you love dance, safe spaces with women and the idea of living a life more full of beauty, wonder, kindness and openness - check this out. I've witnessed her as a well-loved and respected teacher and community-builder, a visionary, a successful heart-centered solo entrepreneur. Erica is one of the most consistently, naturally radiant women I know. She gets my whole hearted endorsement." -- Tad Hargrave, Founder of Marketing for Hippies, Edmonton