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We are divine mirrors for each other.

We are Divine Mirrors


Are HEALING, remembering and awakening.

Are COMMITTED to living your life with more curiosity, loving kindness and generosity, and to seeing and creating beauty and life-affirming relationships.

Are longing to OFFER YOUR GIFTS in a more authentic, creative and powerful way, to make an even bigger impact on others and in the world.

Have a reverence for, or desire to know, the SACRED FEMININE – Goddess, Shakti, Sacred Woman and the Feminine Face of God.

Have a love for EMBODIED, expressive and spiritual practices.

Are READY to be more courageous, and SHINE more fully.

Are wherever you are on your spiral journey! And that is PERFECT.



Erica Ross

I grew up in a home of dance and art. I’m a dancer, artist, and facilitator of healing, expressive and sacred experiences, and DJ and co-founder of The Move Dance Collective, Toronto’s largest ecstatic dance community. I have over 40 years’ experience in the creative, healing and spiritual arts spanning continents and countries - Indonesia, Wales, USA, India and Canada.

I’m a devotee of the Divine. The Divine Feminine. I’m a mother, friend, traveller, partner, daughter and sister. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with life and my place in it. As a Messenger of Love, I’m devoted to your liberation. I’m committed to inspiring your FLIGHT on effervescent wings of trust, confidence, ease and beauty. I believe in the magic of letting go, in miracles, and limitless possibilities. 

  • For 20 years, I’ve worked with women across Canada, from every walk of life, serving as a guide to sacred feminine knowing, embodiment and joy.

  • I’ve served women seeking to connect to their own radiance through the creation of “Dance Our Way Home” and “RADICAL RADIANCE”, two programs and healing processes that facilitate the discovery and re-discovery of women’s own unique gifts, power and voice.

  • I’ve served women affected by eating disorders and body image issues struggling to reconnect with their bodies, and find a sense of belonging and home.

  • I’ve served families, teaching creative movement to parents with their children.

  • I’ve served my local community, co-founding “The Move”, one of the largest ecstatic dance communities and events in Toronto, if not Canada, in which a myriad of other ecstatic dance events have been inspired to bloom.

  • I’ve served a global community, co-founding “DAILY DANCE”, a 21-day virtual ecstatic dance program for women and men (and their families).

  • I’ve been honoured by the Canadian Dance Assembly with a national dance award as an ‘Outstanding Individual and/or Organization Promoting Dance as a Tool for Healthy Communities’.

Dance, creativity, and unveiling the power of the Divine Mirror has been my life’s work. It’s my calling. 

Erica Ross Laughing


Over the past few years we’ve seen a global transformation unfolding; a Feminine Renaissance! This renaissance calls us to step into new ways of BEING. 

We’re awakening, stirring, rising, reflecting, praying, responding, connecting and dancing. We’re exploring coming home to ourselves and claiming our right to reorder the world. (Our dear Gaia NEEDS us to do just that, for the wellbeing of us all.)

Let’s rise up and shine together!

You, me, us!!!!


Dancing in India




I've been featured in the Globe and Mail Newspaper, Conscious Dancer and Vitality Magazines, CIUT and CKLN Radio, Aware Talk and Living Lighter Blog Radio Shows, Omni and Extraordinary Women TV, the Field-guide to Evolutionary Leadership and the Wild @ Heart Interview Series. In 2014, I was chosen by the prestigious Conscious Dancer Magazine to be a featured dance facilitator in their iTunes Podcast Series, and DOWH was included in their Upshift Guide's '101 Moving Modalities'. My most recent interviews are on the ‘Awakened Woman Self Care Podcast’ and ‘Awakened Midlife Interview Series’. Listen and watch below.



Interview for Mark Metz's Conscious Dancer Podcast Series,  Awakening your Body Intelligence, on iTunes

Interview on Living Lighter Radio

Interview on Awakened Woman Self Care Podcast



“She Reflects is a beautiful creation that tells the story of Erica Ross, intertwined with thoughtful exercises to help the reader connect with their feminine soul in deepening spiral phases. You can feel the radiance of Erica's soul and she helps you find it within yourself. I met Erica in 2014. Prior to this book's creation, or perhaps while it was quietly churning within her, Erica visited me in my dreams a number of times offering counsel, rescue and support - always in a role of uplifting guidance. She Reflects is a must-read for anyone ready for guidance in connecting deeper with their soul.” Hoann Ignacio