Feeling so blessed.

THANK YOU for the wonderful book reviews flowing in for She Reflects on Indigo.ca, Amazon.ca and Amazon.com!!! I'm blown away by your love, reflections and support. My heart is exploding with gratitude for each and every word! Here's a taste of why I'm so ecstatic:

“I've known Erica Ross for almost ten years and she is the real deal. I've worked with thousands of people in the holistic and healing spaces and there are more than a fair share of novices and narcissists. There are plenty of fake gurus and instagram coaches out there. But I've rarely met a woman more full or radiance and wonder as Erica. I've often wished I could introduce every young woman I know to her. If you know a woman whose found herself dullened and dimmed by this world - this book would be a fine gift to help her shine again.”
“Erica Ross is a living, breathing heart chakra. Her book She Reflects features over 60 practices, stories and experiences based on a lifetime in the creative, healing and spiritual arts. She even includes playlists! Her adventurous life as a dancer, DJ, artist, world traveller, group facilitator and mother spill out on the pages as wisdom gained and shared for our benefit. Designed to awaken curiosity, courage, compassion, creativity, self-love and self-care, this book is clearly a gift of love to all of us. A ray of sunshine on a dark day, it's my spiritual caffeine.”
“Erica Ross is a unique journeyer, creator, mother, friend, partner, dancer, author, and lover of life. She has distilled her 60+ years of love wisdom into this astounding book and its companion colouring book. Erica carefully and compellingly weaves stories about her life, goddess mythology, dance exercises, self-reflective exercises, wonderful music playlists, images and insight into this delicious and heartful read. She shows in the most Erica way how following one's own prompts, intuition, and path leads us to the rich garden of our highest humanity.”
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